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Do you have bright ideas? Sign Up

i2m software will help you validate your business ideas with thorough research. However, if you wish to take your idea one step further on the path to commercialisation you can access the i2m Ideas Bank

This will benefit you in the following way:

  • Quickly and easily outline any assistance you think you may require
  • Access an approved network of business experts (from Business Angels, to Chinese manufacturers to specialist patent attorneys) wholly relevant to your idea
  • No need to travel to irrelevant meetings or search the web for hours to find the right people – wait for them to come to you
  • Accelerate the process of acquiring the resources essential for success
  • Retain complete control over the process – only talk to who you think can help
  • Retain anonymity if you wish to
  • Disclose no confidential information concerning your idea

Registration to the Ideas Bank is exclusive to the i2m software users. Users get two free submissions.

If you have bought a copy of i2m, Click here to sign up and register your copy of i2m.

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Do you work with bright ideas? Experts Sign Up

If you work with early stage ideas in any way, we recommend that you become a member of the Ideas Bank. You may be looking for the next big idea in which to invest and mentor or you may be an industry expert who helps the right early stage ideas on a contingency basis, looking for returns in the future. Alternatively you may be a company looking for a new, innovative product to add to your product line.

Whatever the reason, becoming a member will have the following benefits

  • All opportunities accessed will have been through the rigorous i2m research process. This guarantees that the groundwork has at least been done before any commercial discussions.
  • Managed expectations of the clients – they will understand the level of work required to make a business concept a commercial success
  • The i2m Business Proposition is one page long – no heavy reading, just the key elements of the opportunity are provided
  • Only opportunities that match your criteria will be sent to you. Not thousands of junk messages every day
  • No commitment to follow up on any matches
  • Simple process to make contact with the idea owner to arrange discussions
  • You will be part of an approved network – we ask that you provide two references of people you have helped in the recent past.
  • Its free!

Click here to signup now!

What the experts say:
   “i2m's strength is in forcing inventors to look at the commercial viability of their ideas and not just the technical feasibility, helping them develop an outward facing perspective to their ideas and therefore enhancing their chances of success”
Chris Brown, Manchester Inventors Group
What the experts say:
   “The vast majority of investment proposals that we see are poorly researched and/or poorly presented. As such, they will struggle even to get the level of investor attention required to secure funding. The i2m process looks to be particularly helpful in addressing the first issue. The fact that the entrepreneur has recognised the need to go through such a structured and disciplined process is a further boost to credibility”
John Lewis, Cavendish Management Resources
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